Breaking the limits of physical reality by experiencing remote realities interactively & immersively via machines, enabling a variety of professional & consumer applications



We believe in a Human-Centric Machine Interface model, one which does not replace humans with machines but instead integrates the best of both enabling to perform disruptive complex tasks.

What if we no longer had to risk lives to perform dangerous tasks? What if we could appear & interact anywhere in the world in an instant?

From de-risking Defense & HLS to re-imagining  entertainment, gaming, and cinematography -

At XTEND we believe that Human | Machine Telepresence shall allow us to “step into” a machine, anywhere in the world, breaking the limits of physical reality.



Environment Agnostic Tactical System

Sending machines instead of human operators,

Disrupting HLS, Military, and First Responders Markets

Making the need to risk lives OBSOLETE



Our team consists of the best minds in

Aeronautics, Flight Algorithms, Mechanical Design, System Architecture, UX \ UI, Computer Vision, and Operations & Integration Specialists


Wall Street Journal

In the coming years, a mix of virtual reality, fast wireless networks, and machines like drones and rovers will allow people to immerse themselves in actual, far-flung environments—in real-time.



"Once you have tasted flight,

you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
for there you have been, and there you will always long to return"

- Leonardo Da Vinci -

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